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Labor Saving; Yield Improving; Equipment Solutions


We strongly recommend to all of our customers prior to investing in any solutions, be it in the form of new equipment purchase or simply in reorganizing current flow of production, to take a “snap shot” of the process today first and afterwards review all of the solutions being offered or proposed. This approach will empower our customers to make both educated and financially sound decisions. Aiding with ROI and COO calculations with capital savings proposals through “Current Available Yield Calculations” and focusing on customer’s specific products, product details and impact from either automation or any process changes. Through our extensive knowledge of the process, we will assist customers with finding proper, most profitable and reliable solution in regard to equipment automation or customizing any equipment “marrying any compatible equipment” in order to obtain the best possible solutions currently being offered by various vendors.

Technical And Service Support

Technical and service-oriented support of existing equipment, including equipment installations, existing equipment evaluations, PM schedules, rebuilds and upgrades including electrical and programming needs, personalized or customized by department training.

For all unforeseen plant emergencies and standard delivery needs, contact:

Plant Specific Performance Optimization

At times, the “solution is in the building already”, but it is just not being utilized correctly or to its full extent.

  •  Through performing detailed plant and process evaluations, we will together with the customer come up with the customized solution best suited for the processes in place.
  • Equipment performance depends a lot on a few key factors, such as final product, incoming product, equipment’s aptitude, blades maintenance and adjustments.
  • Through obtaining customized training for both production and maintenance personnel with documentations of daily activities and adjustments, yield improvements and equipment performance can be efficiently achieved and maintained at an optimum level.

Continues Improvement Consulting and Training

One missing link in processing today is an adequate training of plant personnel to adjust equipment properly with yield optimization in mind or as we say “putting money into the right pocket.” We know that process changes in the plant from hour to hour. Though proper training and documenting course offered and afterwards compiled into an actual daily/weekly checklist accompanied with performance rating and/or yield impact figures could potentially mean millions.
“What you do not measure, you cannot control!”


Complete Blade Design, Manufacturing, and Sharpening Solutions

  • Offering comprehensive solutions with blade design and manufacturing needs through a number of reliable partners.
  • Blade sharpening solutions for an entire plant with blade performance/ equipment performance verification’s and yield effect calculations, helping to achieve best practices and offering complete solution
  • Establishing and maintaining proper machines performance
  • Maximizing yield output through proper and regular blade maintenance by keeping critical edges and blade bevels with accordance to manufacturer recommendations
  • Extending blades life through temperature controlled and minimum material removal during documented and quality ensured re-sharpening process
  • Providing customized blades solutions best suited for the processing needs with “blades service-set pricing contracts” available
  • Eliminating the need for costly blade sharpening machinery, space and required safety accommodations (OSHA regulations) at plant level, its maintenance and dedicated personnel for its operations

Resources and customized solutions

We offer you premium products and services that deliver effective and fast results through Kunst Solutions Corp. 

  • Visual Aids
  • Health and Safety
  • TPM’s and Shadow boards
  • Planning

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